I face a lot of difficulties to write the blog. Since my company office blocking so many website including general news, i have problem to find new info. Thanks for not blocking blog site. I also don’t like to write my life in my blog. So, I think I have to make different thing in my blog. Maybe I can share some usable knowledge like English lesson, or maybe cerpen?Hmm…


Perihal jafni
Full name is Ahmad Jafni bin Abdul Hanan. Work as computer programmer. Also working on blog Jomsurf.com which not popular yet but will become popular later.Hehehe.What I wrote in this blog are just opinion and cannot be used as point to debate and please take it with open mind.

2 Responses to Difficulties…

  1. P :) says:

    “I also don’t like to write my life in my blog.”

    P pun x suke tulis pasal life sendrik dalam blog. Takut nak share ngan orang. Sumtimes, kat dalam blog la P luahkan perasaan. P mula berblog tahun 2003. Tahun ni 2008. It takes me 5 years to make a decision to publish it around my friends. Now Im happy being who I am n sharing my life wit my friends sambil baca pasal dorang nyer life lak. Very nice. Jeff nyer blog concept p suke gak. Banyak dapat news n info memandangkan P ni jenis yang jarang baca paper. Ngehehe…

    Anyway, usaha lagi Jeff! Hihi..

  2. hazim says:

    Go jep go…

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