Just do it

This is serious crazy man.I’m really gamble to do it and nothing i think than just get it done.But now i’m trap.Crap.I cannot back off.I must do it.Think money.Think money.(please don’t use this method.As a muslim,this is not good way to motivate yourself).Hahaha.Time is too short.Short to do everything what we want.

I have to motivate myself.Just do it no matter how.After this,if it work fine,then i successfully show my potential.I never break my potential before.Yeah,i remember once.But that time,maybe my heart is broken.So,got pressure.This time,pressure is different.Feel good and bad.Hopefully everything work fine.


Perihal jafni
Full name is Ahmad Jafni bin Abdul Hanan. Work as computer programmer. Also working on blog Jomsurf.com which not popular yet but will become popular later.Hehehe.What I wrote in this blog are just opinion and cannot be used as point to debate and please take it with open mind.

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