Over 500,000 blogger in Malaysia?

This figure is according to amanz.my. Huh? So many people have blog right now. How come I want to beat them all and become top 10 (at least) in Malaysia? Even though the number of active blog still remain unknown, but we can assume that maybe 10% of them are active (based on facebook blogger group). Means 50,000! Still many to beat. Urghhhh. Now, my target become almost impossible. But I never give up.


Perihal jafni
Full name is Ahmad Jafni bin Abdul Hanan. Work as computer programmer. Also working on blog Jomsurf.com which not popular yet but will become popular later.Hehehe.What I wrote in this blog are just opinion and cannot be used as point to debate and please take it with open mind.

4 Responses to Over 500,000 blogger in Malaysia?

  1. Affan Ruslan says:

    50 000 still a LOT!
    It’s hard to compete especially with the entertainment niche blog.

  2. jafni says:

    agreed!entertainment niche blog now so popular..huhu

  3. ontgooglen says:

    If some one desires expert view on the topic of blogging afterward
    i advise him/her to go to see this weblog, Keep up the fastidious job.

  4. intertina says:

    just heard the largest blogger gathering event at miecc, mines, 14th Dec 2013.

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