Impressive jomsurf traffic this month

Even though I lost two months contents of blog, now i already have 60 posts in one month and half instead of 2 months last year. Now, I got almost everyday people like to my blog. Thanks for your support.

In busytime of workday, I still can manage to post one in day,alhamdulillah. But if i’m not posting anything means I’m on vacation or no internet connection around me. I will try my best for my blog.

At the sametime, I’m still thinking whether I should stay at my company or not because current job is not my passion and sometimes I feel demotivated to do all the tasks. I’m working one and half year but the salary still same. Urghh. If I know this will be happen, better I leave this company last year.

Before end of March, I should prepare everything such as polish back programming skill, communication skill and be prepared for any interview. InsyaAllah if everything works fine.


Perihal jafni
Full name is Ahmad Jafni bin Abdul Hanan. Work as computer programmer. Also working on blog which not popular yet but will become popular later.Hehehe.What I wrote in this blog are just opinion and cannot be used as point to debate and please take it with open mind.

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