Let’s change the trend of Wordless Wednesday

Today, I’m critic bloggers who post Wordless Wednesday as their title post for today. The title sound like give message to the readers ‘hello,i’m am lazy and useless today to post any word. So, I put a picture and you explain the picture yourself’. A few smart bloggers, after few hours, they explained the picture in next post in same day. But not every blogger do it same thing.

I suggest blogger to give useful title and good post even simple quote like quote of the day replacing Wordless Wednesday trend such as Quote of the Wednesday, tazkirah of the day,motivation of the day and so on. For bloggers, maybe they are not agree with me because they follow the trend, but for readers like me, I feel distracted when blogger write post Wordless Wednesday.


Perihal jafni
Full name is Ahmad Jafni bin Abdul Hanan. Work as computer programmer. Also working on blog Jomsurf.com which not popular yet but will become popular later.Hehehe.What I wrote in this blog are just opinion and cannot be used as point to debate and please take it with open mind.

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